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No matter the occasion, a small service, a corporate convention, a party or a wedding ceremony, Capurro Ricevimenti understands that style, elegance and quality are always necessary. It is for this reason, our productions for banquets, dinners or lunches and receptions are always exceptionally cared for, focusing on every detail and adding innovation where necessary. Our chefs work with excellent raw materials to prepare traditional and unconventional recipes; the presentation of foods is elegant and service is always perfect and perfectly timed, as if who’s preparing it were ‘family’.




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The Heritage

Back in 1901 Giuseppe Capurro, who at the time was little more than a child, started up a business that grew swiftly from a small local bakery into Capurro Ricevimenti, one of Italy’s most renowned and banqueting businesses. This part of the business begain back in the Thirties, when it organised its very first catering reception for the launch of a ship built by Cantieri Ansaldo Genova.
Nowadays the founder’s nephews, Pippo Traverso and Paolo Capurro, remain at the helm of the company. Over the years Capurro Ricevimenti has been responsible for the some of the country’s most exclusive and high profile parties and wedding receptions, making any celebration unique thanks to its attention to detail, impeccable style and expertise that can only be achieved in over a century of activity and adapting it’s professional services to each client, producing spectacular corporate, and private events in Capurro Ricevimenti’s own standout locations or a client’s own venue.

About Us

For over a Century both private and corporate clients relied on Capurro Ricevimenti to organise some of the most exclusive receptions and parties.

Research of quality

’The pluriennal experience distintive of Capurro Ricevimenti in catering and banqueting services was achieved through a constant research process dominated by quality.


Capurro Ricevimenti is certified by Rina for ISO 9001/2008 standards and is part of several federations, among which Convention Bureau Genova, AIC Italian Society


Villa Lo Zerbino

A unique location downtown Genova overlooking the city: a hidden gem  with a private park, Villa Lo Zerbino astonishes who’s never been there and always surprises who knows it already. Throughout the centuries this ancient dwelling belonged to some of the most prominent Genoese aristocrat families. It boasts many superbly preserved frescos and neoclassic decorations from the 17th century and offers many options for catering services tailored on the needs of any kind of event: corporate, classic or bohemian chic.


Wedding Receptions and Parties

If you are looking for information or inspirations for your party, go to Villa Lo Zerbino page

Congress, convention e meeting

Tor all info and suggestions to plan your business event at Villa Lo Zerbino

Wedding Location

  • Private Venues:
  • All
  • details
  • in the city
  • in the countryside
  • on the sea
  • perfect for winter
  • unlimited times
  • villas and castles
  • with garden

Villa Lo Zerbino

In in the city / perfect for winter / unlimited times / villas and castles / with garden

Villa Durazzo

In on the sea / perfect for winter / villas and castles / with garden

La Commenda di Pre

In details / in the city / perfect for winter

Palazzo della Meridiana

In in the city / perfect for winter / with garden

Acquario di Genova

In details / in the city / on the sea / perfect for winter / unlimited times / villas and castles

Eremo della maddalena

In details / in the countryside / on the sea / unlimited times / with garden

L’ Esedra di Santo Stefano

In in the countryside / on the sea / unlimited times / villas and castles / with garden

Villa Faraggiana

In on the sea / perfect for winter / villas and castles / with garden
IMG 0887.JPG

Villa Marigola

In on the sea / perfect for winter / with garden

Castello di Redabue

In perfect for winter / unlimited times / villas and castles / with garden

Cascina La Federica

In in the countryside / unlimited times / with garden

Castello di Giarole

In in the countryside / villas and castles / with garden

La Ghibellina

In in the countryside / with garden

Abbazia di San Fruttuoso

In details / on the sea


Corporate Events

Banqueting and events, whether they are dedicated to clients, partners or employees, reflect the company that organises them: Capurro Ricevimenti is aware of this and it is for this reason that it commits to take care of all details in order to mirror his customer’s trademarks.
The catering service may easily be realised at the client’s headquarter although there is a wide range of locations available, some of which are  for exclusive management. Options available include modern polyfunctional structures, museum sites and of course villas, ancient dwellings on the Italian Riviera, Northern-West Italy or downtown Genova.

To plan a business-event visit the section dedicated to you

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