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Villa Marigola

In Lerici – Poets Gulf – Villa Marigola’s charm is unique: the landscape, the dense vegetation and the scent of the Mediterranean forest mix with the sea breeze.
It is one of the most exquisite kind of “seaside villas”, able to charm visitors for over 200 years.
The original building, developed with a 700’s structure, was the holiday escape of marquis Ollandini from the VII century.
The large terrace was the core area of the building: along with the tradition of Liguria, the terrace used to have a “garden of citrus fruit”, able to fascinate visitors thanks to its cedar trees, lemon trees, orange trees.

The park also had olive trees and grapevine all the way to the beach where could be found the famous “White House” where British author P.B. Shelley stayed for long enough to write about it into his poems.

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