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Castello di Redabue

The Castello di Redabue, whose origin probably dates from the thirteenth century, is located in Masio (Alessandria, Piemonte). It is a historic house owned by the family Doria Lamba, who has opened some very scenic areas – the fully restored ancient cellar, cellar, the adjacent church designed by Filippo Juvarra (for religious rites), the beautiful
park and gardens of about ten hectars – for weddings, receptions, conferences, exhibitions and other social events.
Inside the complex, but only in conjunction with the events, there are 7 rooms and 3 apartments for overnights or just to rest.


The Park

Long avenues and large meadows characterize the ten-hectare park surrounding the castle, following them you can see large green meadows and tall secular trees  such as oaks, horse-chestnut, linden-trees, elm trees and maples.

Charming the rich undergrowth of myrtle trees, juniper and native plants.

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Private church

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Large park

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Scenic wineries

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