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Castello di Giarole

The Castello di Giarole stands near the eastern border of the Lower Monferrato area, on the plain, in the village of Giarole (province of Alessandria).

It was built by the Sannazzaro family – who still own it and live in it – in the 13th century following a so-called “diploma” granted to the family in Pavia by the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

Work on the Castle in the 19th and 19th centuries transformed it into a country house. The structure has the layout of an irregular quadrilateral, with towers from which one can enjoy a beautiful view of the Monferrato district and the surrounding flatland.

The large entrance hall is reached from the courtyard.
It is decorated in neo-Gothic style and leads to several rooms, the grand staircase and, on the first floor, the ballroom and several bedrooms as well as other richly decorated halls.

The Castle , which has an adjoining ancient church of San Giacomo (St James), is surrounded by 19th century gardens, with large long-trunked trees.

The halls of the Castle and the Gardens are opened to enable public or private events such as concerts, parties, weddings and charming short holidays can be organized there. The Church of San Giacomo can be used for religious ceremonies. Newly wed couples wishing to stay at the Castle will be given the white-canopied bedroom.

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